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Everyone on this page is a certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator and have met the stringent education and certification requirements of Shadow Work Seminars Inc. Everyone listed here actively maintains their certification and engages in ongoing supervision of their work, thereby upholding the professional and ethical standards that make this group of people the gold standard in Shadow Work.

Shadow Work Group Facilitator certification requirements are: Completion of three residential week long intensive training programmes; apprenticing at Shadow Work group sessions: some years of extensive individual practice; a fully supervised delivery of a Shadow Work certification seminar.

For more information please see Facilitator Trainings and our Shadow Work Practitioners Ethics

Yücel Kosal


Location: Turkey
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Certified Shaddo Work Group Facilitator

Yucel is a Certified Shadow Work Facilitator with the deep  inspiration of his  own and others  transforming experiences since 2016 . He is facilitating shadow weekends and supporting  companies and their managers to increase their shadow awareness and be able to see their own dynamics and have new  alternative road maps.

He walks the spiritual path with WhiteEagle ,the medicine Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, a body of teachings that moved through ancient cultures indigenous to the Americans. In the  process he has discovered valuable insights to healing, transformation and wisdom.

He started his Executive and Team Coaching, and Custom-designed Training practice in 2008 after a satisfying career in  Incoming Travel Agency Business. His last position being Regional Manager Turkey for Hotelbeds Turizm , The Incoming agent of First Choice Holidays Plc UK.

Discovering Coaching in 2006 and soon he embraced it as the core of his work with executives and organizations. He has studied and certified with the Coaches Training Institute and as a Certified Team coach  from certification program of Organizational and Relationship program of Center for right Relations ship (CRR). As a faculty member of Adler International Learning’s Certificate in Professional Coaching program in Turkey accredited by the International Coach Federation. He mentors and supervises new coaches, leads the Practicum Program and works with organizations on Executive and Team Coaching projects. He is the licensed trainer of HorseDream leadership training with horses  in Turkey. 

His specialty is designing programs for leaders who care about the future and want to address the challenges of today and build resourcefulness and capacity to meet the challenges of tomorrow, for building Self, team building and creating memorable learning experiences that bring profound shifts in personal and workplace behaviour.

He is known as an outgoing, larger than life individual, an outdoor enthusiast, a searcher and life-long learner. 





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